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A little about me

I can describe myself as an active listener; a person who not only empathizes, but also tries to take action and improve the situation. That is the main reason I love being a designer and enjoy every day of my work.
I was trained as a classic industrial designer at Art University of Tehran in Iran, equipped with all the fundamental sketching and modeling tools. However, when I immigrated to Canada, and entered OCAD's industrial design program, I faced an entire new world of systematic thinking and strategic design.
Become fascinated by this new realm, I decided to go back to school after a few years of working as a product designer. In graduate school at DAAP, University of Cincinnati, my passion for design research & strategy flourished and I became very comfortable in this field through application of my learning in a broad range of privatly funded projects.
If you are interested in what I do or if you just think you have something to share, please drop me a line at

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