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Project Role: Consumer Research/ Storytelling/ Prototyping

Cecilia Arredondo, David Mierke, Kyrsten Sanderson, Wanting Luo, Sepideh Shahi

Ideation: Conducting this research helped us to reveal the core competency of our client (Findlay Market). By emphasizing on their core strength we created an inspirational video to guide our team. Our final design was a series of post cards sent from market's vendors with their personal notes to different neighbourhoods. After all, we hold a community event and invited people to come to our school and watch our video while they were enjoying a piece of freshly baked bread and a cup of coffee from the market.

Research: In this phase, our team visited market's three other competitions including Kroger, Whole Foods and Jungle Jims to conduct visual ethnography, talk to shoppers and shadow them to understand their habits and desires as well as each store's culture and brand story.

Objectives: In this project we were asked to revive the marketing campaign of a farmer's market in Cincinnati to differentiate it from other grocers and encourage shoppers to join the market's customers.

Marketing Campaign:

Findlay Market

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