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Project Role: User Research & Validation/ Information Architecture/ User Interface Design

Kyrsten Sanderson, Sepideh Shahi

Ideation: Our final design presented the most fundamental data for individual needs of researches and care providers.
Users could create filters to customize their search and generate reports on the fly. The reports provided a visual overview of patients' visits, diagnosis and lab tests in one page and flagged information that users had already indicated in their personal filters. Users could interact with this visualization to obtain more specific information about a patient. The search results were converted to excel sheets for documentation or further analysis.
This system incredibly reduced users' search time and made their browse routines more personalized and joyful.
The design is currently going through final evaluation stage to become prepared for development

Research: In this phase, we went through 15 weeks of collaboartive iterations. Every week our designs were discussed with the Bioinformatic group for further improvements. We also had an opportunity to evaluate our concepts in a focus group made of medical researchers and physicians.

Interaction Design


Objective: Partnering with the Cincinnati Children's Hospital, the Hospital's Bioinformatic group approached our team to redesign their patients' chart system. The ultimate goal of the project was to make layers of complex data easier to browse through for health care providers as well as medical researchers.

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