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Project Role: User Research & Validation/ User Interface Design/ Industrial Design

Ben Crist, Claire Myers, Esther Kim, Sepideh Shahi

Ideation: After rounds of iterations a portable tablet was developed, which could be used in three different positions: mini laptop, tablet with a separate keyboard and a tablet. The interface had designed in a way to facilitate multitasking and working on several programs at the same time. A unique feature of the interface, was a daily timeline that could sync with calendars, emails and GPS. A user could quickly see where he is in his daily schedule and what he still has ahead of him. Via syncing with other applications, the timeline could easily provide maps of meeting locations and contact information of people in the meeting. It could also calculate how far the user is from his meeting location to inform other parties about user's approximate arrival time.

Research: In this phase, our team conducted literature review and contextual interviews with several professionals who travelled on daily basis. We framed our insights into three personae and tried to envision their journeys throughout a day. In doing so, we mapped out their tasks along with their emotions, aspirations and associated electronic devices.

Objectives: The goal of this project was to design a portable device for mobile professionals in order to minimize their daily pressures.

Mobile Computing Project:

Versa Tablet/Laptop

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