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Jamdeo: Jamdeo is a design and engineering company that develops end-to-end solutions for clients who manufacture Smart TVs, Set top boxes, OTT boxes and sticks. The main client and partner of Jamdeo is the Hisense group, which is one of the leading consumer and electronics goods manufacturers in China. Jamdeo's unique user experience approach has led to a reliable and easy to use Android-based platform that is currently integrated into the Hisense-VIDAA TV and being used by millions of people in China and ranked very highly by users . Please visit for further information about the company and all the offered products.


My Role: As a member of the UX team at Jamdeo, I have been involved in several preliminary research projects as well as Interaction design for various features of VIDAA TV version 3.0, 3.5 and 3.9. Some of these features can be viewed in this promo video, such as the Application Center, Video on Demand, Google apps and Screen Share. I have also designed the interaction for a stand alone Android app for Hisense mobile devices. This companion app extends the TV's screen to the consumer's handheld device and provides them with contextual information and controls (For confidentiality agreements, the final design and implementations can't be shared on my portfolio).


Our Process: Communication is the foundation of our design process. First, we need to fully understand the requirements provided by the product definition team. Second, we clearly define all the interaction behaviors and use-cases in our IXD and VD specifications. Third, these documents are communicated with the Development and QA teams for implementation and testing. After product delivery, the UX team provides support  for all the other parts of the product development team and makes ongoing improvements for over the air updates based on the consumers' feedback.

Jamdeo UX Design


Video Courtesy of Hisense Group

Video Courtesy of GIGAOM

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