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Ideation: After rounds of ideation and looking into other frameworks from business related disciplines, a financial assessment tool was developed. Consequently, this tool was prototyped and piloted in a senior industrial design class in order to test its effectiveness. At last, students who had participated in the experiment evaluated the tool. Their positive feedback proved such methods could be successfully integrated into undergraduate design curriculum and help industrial design students gain a better understanding of the business aspects related to their ideas.

Research: To respond to this question, a user-centered design approach was applied to understand design students’ perceptions towards business education. Later on, the research findings were synthesized into a list of design requirements for developing a financial assessment tool.

Objective: This research aimed to investigate how important it is to embed business education into undergraduate industrial design curriculum and help design students understand the financial aspects of their design ideas, particularly in the areas of cost and profit.

Graduate Thesis Project:

Financial Assessment Tool

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