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Rotman Design Challenge:


Project Role: User Research/ Service Design

Cecilia Arredondo, Ricardo Elizondo, Ashley Kempher, Kyrsten Sanderson, Sepideh Shahi

Ideation: Our idea consisted of a web interface titled “Pivot.” The interface would foster a mentorship program, allowing more-experienced financial customers, e.g., those who had already used a product like a federal student loan to share their experiences – both good and bad – with those contemplating the use of a financial tool.
“Pivot” participants would earn rewards from the bank for participation.
Other “Pivot” options could allow mentor members to be paired with business members to network within the bank. Or, via “Pivot, an option for a loan-repayment challenge would allow students to team up with other bank members to repay their student loans. This would incentivize loan repayment, and the members could benefit from additional bank rewards.

Research: In this phase, our team conducted literary research and interviews to understand the needs and desires of student loan borrowers.
Based on the results, we created personae – composites of our insights. Each persona card included that person’s story as well as their financial journey.
Insights framed into opportunity areas focused on building a deeper trust between the bank and its clients.

Objective: Partnering with the TD Bank and Doblin Innovation Consultants, the third Rotman Design Challenge asked students to help TD foster lifelong customer relationships with students and recent graduates.

This project earned an honorable mention.

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