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Prototyping camera's scope and motion

Creating a use scenario

Prototyping the physical space and digital interface

Project Role: User Research/ User Interface Design

Ricardo Elizondo, Kyrsten Sanderson,

Sepideh Shahi, Lixia Zhang

Ideation: After observing a need for preventative diagnostic care we proposed the Tooth Booth- a community centred point of care screening station that provides cavity diagnosis and clinic recommendations to low-income community members.
They walk away knowing more about their oral health, and with a momorable token that will remind them to visit a dentist soon.

Research: In this phase, our team visited three dental clinics for low income families and home less patients and talked to patients about their problems. We also interviewed dentists, dental students and professionals who were volunteering at community centres to provide free dental care for low income patients. This research allowed us to develop user centred concepts.

Objective: Dental care is one of the most difficult resources for low-income families to access. Preventative care such as examinations and teeth cleaning are not readily available to this population. Thus, much of this population only visits a dentist when their dental problem exacerbates.

Re-inventing Point of Care:

Tooth Booth

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